24th Street - Dove Rd. to Lapeer Rd.
32nd Street - Griswold Rd. to Lapeer Rd.
32nd Street - Ravenswood Rd. to Dove Rd.
Airport Drive & Wills Drive- Entire Length
Barth-Taylor-Dunlap - Griswold Rd to M-21
Bethuy Road - M-29 to Marine City Hwy.
Capac Road - Hough Rd. to Capac Village
Limits & Capac Village Limits to Downey Rd.
Chartier Road - King Rd to M-29
Church Road - M-29 to Short Cut Rd.
County Line Road - ½ mile South of Meisner Rd to Gratiot Rd
Davis Road - Range Rd to M-29
Division Road - Gratiot to I-94
Dove Road - Range Rd to Port Huron City Limits
Fred Moore Hwy. - I-94 to St. Clair City Limits
Gratiot Road - County Line Rd to I-94
Griswold Road - Dunlap Rd to 32nd St.
Goodells Road - R.R. Track to M-21
Howard Street - 32nd St. to 24th St.
Keewahdin Road - M-136 to Lakeshore Rd.
King Road - Chartier Rd. to Fred Moore Hwy.
Koehn Road - Capac Rd to 1300 ft East of Capac Rd
Lakeshore Road - Keewahdin Rd. to M-25
Lapeer Road (Old M-21) - Cade Rd. to 24th St.
Marine City Hwy. - King Rd. to County Line Rd.
Metcalf Road - Detroit Water Board Entrance to M-25
North River / North Road - Wadhams Rd. to M-136
Palms Road - M-29 to Marine City Hwy.
Palms Road - Division Rd. to Gratiot Rd.
Puttygut Road - Wadhams Rd. to Range Rd.
Range Road - Griswold Rd. to Brown St.
Short Cut Road - Church Rd. to Palms Rd.
Smiths Creek Road - Landfill (East of Richman Rd.) to Range Rd.
Vincent Road - Wadhams Rd. to M-136
Wadhams Road - I-94 to Vincent Rd.
Water Street - Port Huron City Limits to I-94
Wildcat Road - M-136 to Fisher Rd.
Yankee Road - Range Rd.to ¼ mile east of Range Rd.