Road Commissions in Michigan are created and funded by State Law as independent governmental entities charged with the responsibility of maintaining a road system reasonably safe for the motoring public.

The St. Clair County Road Commission (SCCRC) is directed by a three-member policy-setting board.  One board member is appointed every two years to a six year term by the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners.  The SCCRC Board also serves as the County Board of Public Works. 

The SCCRC’s largest source of revenue is the Michigan Transportation Fund derived from motor fund taxes, vehicle registration and license fees.  Other major sources of revenue include a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain State Highways within the County, contributions from the County’s 23 townships, an annual appropriation from the County Board of Commissioners, and a county-wide road millage.

The SCCRC is divided into four districts with the Administration and main garage located at the Central Service Center in St. Clair Township, and three sub-garages located in Capac, Avoca, and Marine City.  The SCCRC & DPW employ approximately 90 people.

The SCCRC is responsible for maintaining 230 bridges (Second highest in the state of Michigan), 1,553 Miles of primary and local roads (613 paved) and 507 miles of state highways throughout the county.