Weed and Brush Control Program:

2018 Weed and Brush Control Program:

The St. Clair County Road Commission will begin its 2019 Herbicide Weed and Brush Control Program on or after June 15, 2019.  Program completion, subject to weather and/or operational factors, is expected by August 15, 2019. 


The Daltons Inc., with offices at 8857 North Syracuse-Webster Road, Syracuse, Indiana, is under contract to the St. Clair County Road Commission to perform weed and brush control services in the road right-of-way on designated county roads in St. Clair County.  The method of application will be land applied by truck mounted spray units. 


The Road Commission Weed and Brush Control Program will involve the application of herbicides to weeds and brush at and around guardrails and at intersections.  The Program will be implemented to improve visibility of guardrail and safety for the vehicular traffic and/or pedestrians that use the county roads under the Road Commission’s jurisdiction.


The specific herbicide and specialty products utilized in this treatment will be as follows:


            Triclopyr                                           1 gallon                      mix per 100 gallons

            Metsulfuron                                      2 ounces                    mix per 100 gallons

            Non-ionic Surfactant                       1 quart                       mix per 100 gallons

            Drift Control                                      8 ounces                   mix per 100 gallons

                 Dye                                                     Amount necessary to determine coverage


This Advance Notice and information is being supplied in accordance with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Regulation No. 637 Pre-Notification Requirement.


If a property owner prefers their property not be included for treatment, they must complete an application form for a “No Treatment Zone” permit from the Road Commission no later than June 6, 2019.  As a condition of approval of this application, the property owner must agree to properly clear the road right-of-way abutting the subject property of weeds and brush.  Signs supplied by the Road Commission must be in place by June 13, 2019.  Posted areas will be omitted from the Program only if the area is clear of weeds and brush at the time of inspection by the Contractor and/or Road Commission personnel.


Technical information concerning this application may be requested by calling The Daltons, Inc. at 1-574-267-7511.  Administrative and operational information may be obtained from the St. Clair County Road Commission Operations Department at 1-810-388-4025. 


                                                                        Kirk D. Weston, Managing Director


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Publish May 8, 2019

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