Personnel - Departments:


The Engineering Department directs the planning, scheduling, surveying, designing and construction of improvements on 1,552 miles of county roads in 225 county bridges.

This department works closely with township boards for the improvement of local county roads with personnel from the Michigan Department of Transportation for the use of federal and state funds on eligible roads and bridges.  The department maintains plan and project files, right-of-way records, mileage and condition reports, bridge inventories and traffic counts.   Together with the Office of Special Services (Permits), the department oversees the development of new subdivisions.  Engineering Department personnel include the Director of Engineering, County Highway Engineer, Design Engineer, Surveyor and Survey crew, Project Inspectors and Steno Technician.

Internal Services

The Department of Internal Services provides for all of Financial Accounting and Reporting (accounts payable/receivable, payroll, monthly/annual reporting), Information Systems (voice and data), Purchasing/Inventory Control, Human Resources (employee insurance, corporate fleet and facilities insurance, Legal liaison, Freedom of Information), and General Office Support services for the Road Commission and Department of Public Works  

Information Systems

Information Systems is responsible for the performance of the Road Commission's in-house computer systems, voice and data services.

This department acts as a liaison between road commission computer users and staff at Precision Computer Solutions, Inc. (PCSI) regarding the use of the PCSI software such as service requests, permits, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, personnel information, materials inventory, budget reporting & control and numerous management control reports.

This department directly maintains software for road, bridge, sign inventories and a maintenance performance system.  Information Systems also provides instruction to department personnel in the use of the computer system and software, as well as installation and maintenance of computer hardware, and development.


Maintenance of the county road system is the primary concern of the Operations Department. The county road system totals 1,552 miles with 225 bridges.  This includes 495 miles on the primary road system and 1,057 miles on the local road system. In addition, the Michigan Department of Transportation has a contract with the Road Commission for the maintenance of 273 miles of state highways and freeways throughout the County.

The Operations Department includes four warehouses.  Location are Capac, Avoca, Marine City, and the Central service Center near Marysville.  This department is responsible for building and grounds maintenance at all road commission facilities, as well as, maintaining over 750 pieces of maintenance, construction and radio equipment, and over 285 pieces of plant and stationary equipment.


The Accounting Department is responsible for all financial transactions including budgeting, billing, receipts and disbusements, payroll, audits and financial reporting of the Road Commission and the Department of Public Works.

In addition, internal controls and policies are maintained to assure the accuracy and integrity of the Road Commissions and Department of Publc Works financial information.

Office of Special Services (Permits)

The function of the Office of Special Services, also known as the Permits Department, is to collect fees, regulate and control all activity within the right-of-ways of the St. Clair County Road Commission.  This ranges from the installation of a residential driveway to construction of a major sanitary sewer or water distribution system.  Our function is to maintain a safe work zone for the motoring public and to ensure that the work complies with good construction practices.  Further, we inspect to confirm that the work performed by permit is installed at the permitted location to Road Commission specifications.

Department personnel also inspect and recommend approval of road construction projects in new subdivision and condominium developments when the roads within these development are to be accepted into the county road system.

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