Adopt-A-County Road:

Welcome to the Team!

The St. Clair County Road Commission 
realizes what a big job it is to maintain a 
clean and attractive roadside.
The following are the general 
safety rules that we ask you 
to abide by. 
General Safety Rules
  • Road traffic travels at high speeds and most drivers don't expect to see crews working along the roadside.  Be alert and use good common sense at all times!

  • Crew members should be in good health with good sight and hearing.

  • Crew members must be a minimum of 12 years old.  Children between the ages of 12 and 15 must have adult supervision at a ratio of one adult for every three children.

  • One person should be designated crew leader to ensure everyone follows safety rules.

Safety Rules
  1. Carpool to the site to reduce the number of vehicles on the roadside.

  2. All vehicles should be parked well off the right shoulder.  Do not park on paved shoulders or in roadway.

  3. Parking is not allowed along curves, on bridges, near or under overpasses, or in roadway medians.

  4. All occupants in vehicles should exit and enter the vehicle on the side opposite traffic.

  5. Keep vehicles on the same side of the road as crew members.

  6. Work only one side of the roadway at a time.

  7. Crew members should not carry knives, machetes, axes, etc.

  8. Don't overfill or compact trash bags because of the danger of injuries from broken or jagged objects.  Fill bags with what goes in easily, then start with a new bag.

  9. Keep crews together for better visibility to motorists.

  10. Use safe turn around points when changing directions.

  11. Filled bags must be placed off the shoulder of the road.  Do not place bags in the travel portion of any roadway.

Protect Yourself And Other Crew Members
  • Whenever possible face oncoming traffic as you work.  Be prepared to move out of the way of vehicles in an emergency.

  • Stop working in bad weather, especially when there is poor visibility and wet or icy roads.

  • Work during daylight hours.

  • Avoid overexertion.  Drink lots of water, especially on hot, humid days.

  • Post a person to look out for traffic dangers.

  • Have a refresher session on safety awareness each time a crew goes out.

  • Never walk out on the roadway.

  • Avoid the use of headsets.

  • All workers should wear orange vests while working on the roadside.  Other clothes should be light-colored for increased visibility.

  • Wear heavy gloves.

  • Watch your footing.  Wear substantial leather shoes or boots with good ankle support.  Stay off loose stones and steep slopes.

  • Wear a hat and long-sleeved top to avoid sunburn.  Sunscreen lotion is recommended for sunny days.

  • Contact with poison ivy, poison oak and other noxious weeds.

  • Areas which are being mowed or where there are other construction or maintenance activities being conducted.

And Please
  • Don't pick up discarded syringes or hypodermic needles.

  • Don't try to remove suspicious packages or containers.  Notify the Road Commission or the police of the location of these items immediately.

  • Don't pick up items on bridges, in tunnels or on overpasses.  These areas are especially dangerous to workers on foot.

  • Don't enter the roadway or the shoulder areas to pick up trash.

In Case of Emergency
  • Every crew should have an adequate first aid kit.

  • Select an emergency room/hospital and know the route to it from the work area.

  • Crew members should have transportation immediately available.

  • One person should be designated crew leader to ensure safety rules are followed.


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