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St. Clair County Road Commission's Mailbox Policy

St. Clair County Road Commission's Mailbox Brochure 

Bridge Posting 

Bridge Hessen Road Bridge Culvert
Road Name: Hessen Road
Between: Marine City Highway & Springborn
Township: Casco
Date Posted: July 24, 2014
Description: This section of Hessen Road will be closed to all through traffic 7/28/14 at 7:30AM until further notice to replace a bridge culvert.


Bridge: Capac Road Bridge over Belle River
Township: Berlin
Road: Capac Road
Between: over Belle River
Description: The St. Clair County Road Commission will be rehabilitating the Capac Road Bridge over the Belle River.  Currently, the tentative start date is July 28, 2014, with construction completion in late October.  All scheduling and project dates are subject to change depending on weather and the contractor's schedule.

The work will include removing the entire bridge deck and portions of the foundation of the Capac Road Bridge.  The bridge foundation will then be rehabilitated and the bridge deck reconstructed.  The bridge approach roadway will be reconstructed.  All work will be confined to the existing right-of-ways.

Capac Road will be reduced to one lane of traffic at the bridge site between Hunt Road and Terry Road during construction.  Local residents are encouraged to plan for delays due to construction.  We request your cooperation and patience.

This project is financed by the St. Clair County Road Commission, the State of Michigan and the Federal Highway Administration at a total estimate cost for construction of $1,273,205.48.  

The prime contractor is Z Contractors, Inc.


Bridge: 8-17P
Township: Columbus
Road: Gratiot Road
Between: over Richmond/Columbus Drain (8-17P) 
Description: Due to advancing steel reinforcement deterioration the following structure's maximum load rating has been decreased

Gratiot Road over Richmond-Columbus Drain (8-17P) in Columbus Township.

Previous Posting


NEW Posting

Current structure capacity is:

22 ton - Single
41 ton - Double
53 ton - Triple

  Road Closures 

Title: Vernier Road and Ira Road to be closed starting September 10, 2014
Road Name: Vernier Road / Ira Road
Date Posted: September 5, 2014
Description: Reconstruction of Vernier Road will begin Wednesday, September 10.  The contractor will close Vernier Road and a short segment of Ira Road at Vernier Road to traffic, while maintaining access to homes within the closure limits.

The remainder of Ira Road between Vernier and Swan Creek Roads will be closed to thru traffic.  Access to homes on Ira Road within the closure limits will be maintained from Swan Creek Road; there will be no access from Vernier Road.  The detour includes Ira Road, Swan Creek Road and M-29.

Residents and emergency vehicles will have access to local properties within the closure limits throughout the entire project.  Local residents are encouraged to plan for delays due to construction.  We request your cooperation and patience.

Removal of the existing bridge over Swan Creek has been completed.  A replacement structure over Swan Creek is not proposed.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in mid November.  All scheduling and project dates are subject to change depending on weather and the contractor's schedule.

This project is financed by the St. Clair County Road Commission, and the State of Michigan at a total estimated cost for construction of $491,409.

The prime contractor is Davis Construction Co.


Title: Keewahdin Road Closure
Road Name: Keewahdin
Between: Parker and M-136
Township: Fort Gratiot
Date Posted: August 21, 204
Description: Keewahdin Road between Parker and M-136 will be closed starting 08/22/2014 (Daytime only) Monday - Friday until further notice due to Sanitary Sewer installation.  Detour will be posted.  



Title: Sterling Road Closure
Road Name: Sterling Road
Between: Norman & Fulton
Township: Lynn
Date Posted: August 13, 2014
Description: Sterling Road between Norman and Fulton will be Closed to all through traffic August 18, 2014 at 7:00 AM until further notice for Bridge Deck Replacement

Detour will be posted - Capac Road to Yale Road

Thanks to all who voted for the St. Clair County Road Millage!

Road Millage passes  
The proposal for a county-wide road millage was successful.  The St. Clair County Road Commission pledges to use its share of the millage to meet the required match to obtain federal funds for eligible road and bridge projects.

List of proposed projects for 2014

Norman Road Gravel Haul Video

Grader Video

Michigan Work  Zone Awareness   
We'd like to remind motorists that "Safer driving creates safer work zones, and not to barrel through work zones."

More than 85 percent of all people killed in highway work zone crashes are drivers and passengers, not highway workers.  Although traffic fatalities are down significantly with increased public education efforts and law enforcement, Michigan experienced more than 5,100 traffic crashes in 2010 where construction activity was present.

While many factors contribute to deadly work zone crashes, driver behavior plays a huge role.

"We ask motorists to slow down, buckle up, drive sober, pay attention and at all times drive as if their life depends on it because it just might," Niemela said.  "Although it is very early in the construction season we have already experienced serious work zone crashes, taking the life of a highway worker."

In Michigan, most work zones are posted at 45 MPH where workers are present.  Motorists speeding in work zones are subject to doubled fines and additional points against their driver license.  Causing the injury of another person in a work zone is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison and $1,000 in fines, and causing the death of a person in a work zone is a felony punishable by and up to 15 years in prison and $7,500 in fines.

The County Road Association of Michigan represents Michigan's 83 county road agencies that collectively maintain more than 75 percent of Michigan roads - more than 90,000 miles - the fourth largest local road system in the nation.

Setting Speed Limits  
Ever wonder how speed limits are set?  Please review this video for more information.

Encroachment and/or Obstructions  
Per Michigan State Law, Public Act No. 368 of 1925, as amended (MCL 247.171, MSA 9.251), the St. Clair County Road Commission prohibits and, when necessary, removes any encroachment and/or obstruction in the county road right-of-way. It is recognized that encroachments and/or obstructions along the roadways severely impact the convenience and safety of the motoring public. The removal of such encroachments and/or obstructions promotes safety for the motoring public, improves the aesthetics of the roadway, and lawfully eliminates interference with public and private utilities within the public road right-of-way. When removal is necessary, it is at the owner’s expense.

Simply defined, an encroachment and/or obstruction is the unauthorized use of highway right-of-way or easements. An encroachment and/or obstruction includes any object, vegetation, landscape, earthwork, sign, fence, and/or building; and other objects, including oversized mailboxes or posts.

The Board of St. Clair County Road Commissioners uniformly and fairly conducts the administration of the state law governing encroachment and/or obstruction within the right-of-way. The Board recognizes that there are many encroachments and/or obstructions within what is commonly recognized as the right-of-way of the county road system. The Board also recognizes that these encroachments and/or obstructions constitute hazards to the motoring public ranging from non to severe and that the staff time available to identify, assess, recommend action, and follow-up on these encroachments and/or obstructions is limited.

Phragmites: Please view our Brochure for information concerning Phragmites.  We have also posted information from the following sources...........

2014 Herbicide Phragmites Control Program: The St. Clair County Road Commission will begin its 2014 Herbicide Phragmites Control Program on or after July 28, 2014.  Program completion, subject to weather and/or operational factors, is expected by October 1, 2014.

The Daltons, Inc., with offices at 936 Little Eagle Drive in Warsaw, Indiana, is under contract to the St. Clair County Road Commission to perform phragmites control services in the road right-of-way on designated county roads in St. Clair County.

The Road Commission Phragmites Control Program will involve the application of herbicides to phragmites.  The Program will be implemented to improve visibility and safety for the vehicular traffic and/or pedestrians that use the county roads under the Road Commission's jurisdiction.  The specific herbicide and specialty products utilized in this treatment will be as follows:


Glyphosate 5.4

  1 ˝ gallons   mix per 100 gallons of water
Imazapyr 4 SL   1 ˝ gallons   mix per 100 gallons of water
Non-ionic Surfactant 1 gallon mix per 100 gallons of water
Dye Amount of necessary to determine coverage

This Advance Notice and information is being supplied in accordance with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Regulation No. 63.7 Pre-Notification Requirement.

If a property owner prefers their property not be included for treatment, they must complete an application form for a "No Treatment Zone" permit from the Road Commission no later than July 15, 2014.  As a condition of approval of this application, the property owner must agree to properly clear the road right-of-way abutting the subject property of phragmites and brush.  Signs supplied by the Road Commission must be in place by July 28, 2014.  Posted areas will be omitted from the Program only if the area is clear of phragmites and brush at the time of inspection by the Contractor and/or Road Commission personnel.

Technical information concerning this application may be requested by calling The Daltons, Inc., at 1-888-267-7511.  Administrative and operational information may be obtained from the St. Clair County Road Operations Department at 1-810-388-4025.

Kirk D. Weston, Managing Director
The Times Herald
Publish May 31, 2014


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